MLG Vote: Who will win today’s stream matches?

Today is the big day, we will be running strawpolls on each of the matches that will be on stream today. Vote and participate!

Time Start
(All PST)
Player 1 Player 2 Strawpoll
2:30 PM Leffen (1) Mew2king(3)
2:50 PM Hax (3) Soft(0)
3:10 PM Remen (1) PPMD(3)
3:30 PM Mango (3) Zero (0)
3:50 PM Hungrybox(0) Armada(3)
4:10 PM aMSa Westballz
4:30 PM Mew2King PPMD
4:50 PM Remen s0ft
5:10 PM Leffen Hax
5:30 PM aMSa Mang0
5:50 PM Zero Armada
6:10 PM Hungrybox Westballz
7:30 PM Mew2King Remen
7:50 PM Leffen Soft
8:10 PM PPMD Hax
8:30 PM Hungrybox Zero
8:50 PM Mango Westballz
9:10 PM Armada aMSa
10:00 PM West Coast East Coast

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