SSBM Rank Top 25 (15-11)

What is SSBMTop25 Rank?

SSBMTop25 is a compiled list of best players based on a collective panel of people in the community. It is aimed to give a heads up to people who have been performing well in the first half of 2014 and have momentum going into this summer’s major tournaments such as MLG, CEO, and Evo. The other objective is to give the greater audience an idea of who to watch out for as the tournament progresses.

How did the voting work?

There were roughly 35 people who voted on a list of players. Each voter gave a list of their top 25 players. A 1st place vote will net a player 25 points. A 2nd place vote will net a player 24 points, etc… and a 25th place vote will net 1 point. The overall top 25 is determined based on who accumulated the most points between all the panelist votes. The voting was done prior to Super SWEET and the most recent SSS.

Tonight, we have 15-11

15. Colbol


14. s2j


13. Ice


12. aMSa


11. SFAT


What do you think? Join the discussion on #SSBMRankTop25

Previous Days

Rank 25-21

Rank 20-16


9 thoughts on “SSBM Rank Top 25 (15-11)

  1. Colbol has beaten S2j,Amsa,Ice, and Silent Wolf but is still lower rank? and Smash Studios is his sponsor btw

  2. since it’s before super sweet, top 10 is probably(by process of elimination):
    1. PPMD
    2. Mango
    4. Hungrybox
    5. Armada
    6. Leffen
    7. Fly Amanita
    8. Westballz
    9. Hax
    10. Shroomed

    • lol… 1. mango/armada 2. armada/mango 3. pp 4. m2k 5. leffen 6. hbox after that idc but yeah lmao at putting ar so low

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