MLG Final Bracket: Change in Format

Remember how confusing the MLG bracket explanation was?

Today it was announced via Twitter that the MLG Anaheim Final Bracket will be a normal double elimination bracket. There will still be pools to determine seeding into this bracket.

Update (source):

Previously we had announced a championship bracket system that had two separate brackets that funneled into a single grand finals. This was very confusing to a lot of people, and myself as well.

We have decided to revert back to a standard double elimination bracket, and the grand finals will now be a Bo5 rather than a Bo11. If the loser wins the series, the bracket is reset.
TLDR it’s a standard bracket format.

That being said, I am excited to announce how pools will work at Anaheim.

Pools (*The Two Pools will be announced soon*)
* 8 Players (6 Qualifier, 2 From Open Winners Bracket)
* Best of 5
* Matches will be played on stream Fri / Sat / Sun
* 1st and 2nd Place go to Champ Winners Semis
* 3rd and 4th Place go to Champ Losers 3
* 5th and 6th Place go to Champ Losers 2
* 7th and 8th Place go to Champ Losers 1

MLG Overall Structure

Bracket (Based on Solid Jake’s Description)



9 thoughts on “MLG Final Bracket: Change in Format

  1. Hmm… Well whatever. I was kind of looking forward to how the other format would work out.

  2. I liked the weird formart

  3. This is way easier to understand than the other format though. Good move by MLG imo!

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  5. Regards! A lot of knowledge.

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