Am I Ready?

“Am I ready?”

I asked myself that back in 2007.

My answer to myself was a resounding “no.”

I’d been playing for a year, maybe a bit more.  I wasn’t confident at all in my abilities.  I went to locals just to play friendlies, maybe enter doubles.  But singles?  With the tri-state region during that era?  I just wanted to get better first, then start taking my lumps and face off against people I admired, learned from and wanted to play against.

MLG was on the way.  Later EVO.  These were players I had been watching USA Network on every Saturday morning for a glimpse of Melee action.  These were players I had been studying on the DC++ hub.  I’m not in their league, not even close.  I’m not ready yet.

Time passed.  Finally.  I was ready.

And everything was gone.  EVO and MLG weren’t carrying Melee anymore.

Why am I saying all of this?

Nothing is guaranteed.  This year has been a victory lap to many.  However, the race may end.  This may be the last chance to be a part of this.  Many of us didn’t believe that we’d have an opportunity at MLG and EVO ever again.  However, lightning rarely strikes twice.  Even more rare is a third strike.

You may be sitting there, in awe of Mango’s speed, PP’s presence of mind, M2K’s option coverage, Hungrybox’s precision, Armada’s punishes and knowing that you can’t even fathom it.  Going to EVO or MLG, it’s not worth it, you won’t even take a stock in pools.

That doesn’t matter.  Being present at an event of this caliber is what counts.  Getting the chance to see these players live at any big stage, whether CEO, APEX, EVO, MLG, Big House is priceless.  I always emphasize that people bring recording setups to events.  Why?  Every event is history.  History isn’t constrained to streams, it extends to being there, feeling it in person.  Meeting players from around the world, or even around the corner.  Also, support your local scenes, because when they are gone, your chances to get to the point of being “ready” fade dramatically.  However, majors are major for a reason.

I wasn’t ready.  I’m one of the lucky ones to get a second opportunity and be present at events of this magnitude.  I’m more than ready now.

“Are you ready?”

Don’t answer that.  The answer is yes.  Don’t mindgame yourself and believe otherwise.  Go to your locals and prepare.  Go to majors to experience it all.  You never know if you’ll have the opportunity again.

MIOM | Prog

3 thoughts on “Am I Ready?

  1. I hear this constantly from new players–“I’m not good enough for tournaments yet.” My response is always that the fastest way to get good enough to go to tournaments is to go to tournaments.

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