MaNg0′s Blog pt 7 – Epilogue

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What’s Next

Now I have to get to the sad part of my blog. As most of you know I’m having a baby, so I’m pretty sure I’ll be half retired. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll still attend tourneys and try to win, but I probably won’t be able to practice and dedicate the hours needed to perform at the level I would want to. Thats why Zenith and Evo meant the world to me. It would basically be the last time you guys would ever see in-shape, top-of-his-game mango. That’s why winning was so important to me. I needed to prove, to myself more than anyone, that I could still win one last time.

I’ve had a long amazing career. Melee was basically my life for 7 years. I did awful in high school because of Melee. I didn’t really get to spend much time with my family in those 7 years because I was traveling or practicing Melee. I’m 10,000 percent sure I’m gonna have awful hand problems in the near future because of Melee. 0 regrets. Whatever happens in my life, or no matter how old I get, I’ll always be a Melee player. It was my passion and my love. I now know why sports players get watery eyed when they retire. It sucks to have to walk away from something you love, but when it’s time, it’s time.

I’ve done all one could in a smash career. I’ve traveled the world, met homies in every part of the world, got to be the best in the world at something, have fans (love you guys), and have friends for a lifetime.

The memories Melee gave me are the most important thing. I was just a kid when I started and now I’m having a baby, Melee being there every step of the way. I grew up with Melee and I’ll die with Melee on my mind. I’ll still be a part of the community and do what I can for sure. Hopefully this is all written for nothing and I can still play and keep myself in shape.


I’ll keep you guys updated with that =]. Thanks for reading, I hope you guys enjoyed it =] <3 Mangonation4lyfe

3 thoughts on “MaNg0′s Blog pt 7 – Epilogue

  1. An enticing novel.
    A true American hero.

  2. Watched you for years and rooted for you all the way i never thought i would get so excited to watch (SOMEONE ELSE) play a video game good luck with you’re new life ahead thanks for the memories.

  3. Through reading these blogs and watching the analysis Mr. Mango, I am going to main fox over falco, but maining marth too. jejee I am super fresh noob in the smash pro scene, found the scene through the documentary. Forever Mango…….YOU ARE THE UNSTOPPABLE!

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